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MOST POWERFULPOWERFUL charting solution that ever existed on WordPress.

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AreaArea Chart

Create a customized Area Chart in minutes with WordPress graph and charts savvy plugin. Enter any data, customize the chart’s colors, fonts, details and you’re done!

Area Chart with Datalabels

Basic Radial Chart


RadialRadial Chart

Build responsive Radial chart in real-time and embed it into your website or blog with this simple and highly powerful WordPress graph and charts plugin.


ColumnColumn Chart

Want to add chart or bar graphs in WordPress pages or posts on your site? Create insightful Column charts with this overruling WordPress Graph plugin.

Stacked Column Chart

Pie Chart with Datalabel


PiePie Chart

Blaze up your WordPress website or blog by adding this WordPress Pie Chart plugin like stunning Pie charts that appeal to your site visitors.


LineLine Chart

Create beautiful Line charts from compiled data using this dominant WordPress chart plugin for website and web pages.

Line Chart with Dash Line

Donut Chart with Gradient


DonutDonut Chart

Want to represent infographics or report on your website? Spawn a winning class Donut chart using this sleek and real-time Data Visualization WordPress plugin.


RadarRadar Chart

Select Data and Click available options to synthesize an undisputed Radar chart that instantly makes sense using the ultimate WordPress graph and charts plugin.

Multi Series Radar Chart

Basic Candle Chart


CandleCandle Chart

Create an unlimited number of candlestick charts on your WordPress site with this customizable and easy-to-use Elementor graph plugin.


BubbleBubble Chart

Simply go to the Graphina library and look for charts you want to create. Build a responsive and real-time Bubble chart in literally a few clicks.

Multi Series Bubble Chart

Multi Series Timeline